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Fargo Assembly of Europe Ltd is a supplier of bespoke electrical power & signal distribution systems and components, primarily serving the on and off-highway, Construction, Agricultural, and Emergency Vehicle market.

FAE specialises in Wiring Harnesses, Battery Cables & Electrical Systems exposed to extreme environments.

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UP 66 - Hydraulic Press


PNEUMATIC PRESSProgrammable, flexible, versatile machine able to crimp any wire size up to 400mm2. Separate hydraulic pump, delivering 15 ton press capacity. Ideal for Battery Cable termination.






 Schleuniger CS9100 x 2

schleuniger cut strip machineProgrammable cut / strip machine, able to process wires up to 6 mm2. Precise repeatability of cut & strip length.





Amp Model G Terminating Machine x 8

amp terminating machine



 These reliable design machines offer precision crimp height adjustment helping to maintain tight tolerances for a quality crimp.





Komak 206 Cutting Machine

komax 206 cutting machineCompact, all rounder, for cutting wire, ribbon cable, PVC tube, conduit etc.... Powerful, precise machine able to cut up to 35mm2 stranded cable.











Onda Tape Machine 2288onda taping machine

The Onda 2288 can be used for a wide range of applications, taping with adhesive, non-adhesive, felt and foam tapes, as well as taping with two tape reels in one process.





ASM 3200     Cut/Strip/Terminate Machine

asm 3200 cut strip terminating machineThe ASM 3200 can produce up to 7000 pcs / hr, cut, stripped and terminated at both ends. The machine has two operating sides that can be ran at the same time almost doubling the machines output.



Hounsfield HKS-W Pull  Testing Machine

hounsfield pull test machineThese horizontal bench-top testing machines are for determining tension, compression, shear, flexure and other mechanical and physical properties of materials. High load/extension graphs can be produced along with test results via the printer.



Stapla Ultrasonic Splice Welder Octopus Servo

stapla ultrasonic splicing machineThe Octopus Servo wire splice welding machine is the most advanced on the market producing high quality welded splices.





A.M.STRIP.2/2Vam cut strip machine

The A.M.STRIP.2/2V is a semi-automatic stripping and cutting machine for the stripping, and cutting, of both round and flat cables with insulation made from materials such as synthetics, rubber and Teflon.



Cembre CPP-0 Air Hydraulic Pump And RHU81 Hydraulic Press Head                            

cembre hydraulic press headThese two pieces of equipment combined produce a crimping force of 80KN. The head is suitable for compression of electrical connectors on copper cable from 10mm² up to 240mm².                






AMP K100F Lead-maker x2

amp k100 cutstrip terminate machineThe AMP K100F Lead-maker will cut, strip and terminate wire lengths from 40mm to 100,000mm in increments of 1mm. It is also a versatile machine that can cut numerous wire sizes ranging between 26AWG and 10AWG. This machine has a feed rate                                                      of 3m/sec.



4 x Komax De-Reelers   

 Pneumatic powered de-reelers with an excellent feed rate.


3 x Braiding Machines                     braiding machine

28 carrier Braiding Machine powered by a Brook Hansen motor. These machines apply a tough, durable and flexible outer layer of braid to wiring and cable assemblies of all shapes and sizes.



3 x Pico Crimpmaster 400


pico crimpmaster

Pneumatic powered bench mounted crimping tool that can crimp various sizes of barrelled terminals to a range of different wire sizes from     18 awg to 4 awg.





Cembre Pneumatic Bench Mounted Pre-Insulated Crimp Tool

cembre pre-insulated terminal crimping machine

This bench mounted crimp tool is used for the application of pre-insulated terminals. Used as an alternative to a hand tool for a consistent termination.


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